loop pile carpets          loop style carpet


“Natural in Appearance and Hard Wearing – With a Contempory Edge”

Contempory Loop pile carpets are a design of carpet that is manufactured utilising a number of uncut loops. The carpet loops are created in a process using weaving machinery that can be adjusted to create a set pattern of heights or with one uniform height.

The diverse method loop pile carpets are manufactured allows the production of a carpet that is either very plain in appearance or quite detailed in design, popular designs include diamonds, stripes and ribs, most loop piled carpets are produced with natural shades, however we also supply very bold striking colours and these also include stripes.

Usually, a loop pile carpet is made up of fibers that are extremely durable these can include 100% Pure New Wool to a blended mix of wool andNylon, Polypropylene, or olefin fiber, these are an perfectfibre for this type of carpet, these fibres are robust and durable and perform ideally in areas that get heavy wear such as halls and stairs. This style of carpet has a contempory feel to it and can look stunning in most areas of the home.

Advantages of loop pile carpets are the stregnth of the carpet combined with easy to clean characteristics, loops help stop forign bodies entering the carpet structure and liquid spills are likely to stay on the surface for easy cleaning.