why twist carpets


“Ideal for All Areas of your Home”

We Supply a Huge Range of Twist Pile Carpets From Widths of 1m to 10M.Most are Available in all qualities and weights, Wool mix to Bleach Cleanable Stain free Ranges.

Twist carpet is a cut pile made from twisted fibres, and is the most commonly-used style of tufted carpet. The most common carpet fibre blend is 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre mix. Wool is recognised as the best fibre to use in carpet as it’s naturally flame-retardant, durable, easy to clean and retains its appearance well. It offers softness and ease of cleaning, doesn't’t flatten easily and resists abrasion and dirt. It has natural insulation properties which is good for reducing both heat loss and noise.

Twist carpet comes in two styles, either plain finish or heathered (slightly mottled). Heathered carpet is made from a random blend of coloured yarns to give a multicoloured, flecked and slightly textured look.

A twist carpet is generally less likely to fluff or show footmarks, particularly compared to a velvet. However, some twists are so fine that they can exhibit shading similar to velvet. It’s a hard wearing carpet, and suitable for most areas in your home, including halls, stairs, landings and main rooms.

We also supply twist carpet constructed in man made fibres which are Stain free and come with a 10 year guarantee, these carpets are resistant to bleach and most household stains can be removed entirely with a solution of Bleach and Water.