saxony carpets         saxony carpet


“Lushious and Luxurios DeepPiled and Soft Underfoot ”

Saxony Carpet is comprised of twisted yarns that remain distinct in the carpet rather than blending together, as seen more clearly in a Twist-type range. The length of the carpet pile tends to be longer than on other types, leading to a more luxurious feel and softness underfoot.

The manufacture processof a Saxony carpet is made with a cut loop pile. This type of carpet is woven in loops, and then the loops are sheared off, creating a carpet with a thick tufted, even surface.

Saxony carpet is typically woven very densely, and it has a very soft, plush feel.
The natural characteristics of this type of carpet means that footprints can be visible on the surface pile and shading is therefore part of the overall style, Saxonies are therefore best suited to occasional rooms in the home, such as bedrooms, where the soft texture and lookof this carpet is  most appreciated.

We supply a large range of deep pile saxony quality carpets with a large range of standard colours and qualities to suit.

We also have a large range of stainfree saxony carpets which come with a 10yr guarantee and are Bleach cleanable.