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“For a beautiful finish and durability, woven carpets speak for themselves, continuous performance”

Most Wilton carpets are manufactured on a loom and a woven wool carpet is generally noted for having up to, but never more than, five colours per pattern. Wilton carpets are available in many patterns as well as plains, they are available in many textures such as looped or a cut-velvet appearance. Historically this type of carpet comes from Wilton in England. Wilton became known for producing carpets when its first carpet loom was patented in 1741.

Types of Wilton carpets include the face-to-face, single frame and multi-frame. In a face-to-face Wilton carpet, machines weave two backings attached by pile yarn. The yarn is then cut to form two cut pile carpets.

A single frame Wilton carpet is also known as a plain Wilton and it is produced as a looped pile carpet which may either stay looped or be cut by blades added to the weaving machine. Cut and loop pattern rows are also possible in the single frame technique and may be formed with multicolored yarns.

We supply and fit multi width wilton carpets in Plain and patterned, we offer a huge standard range of different weights and qualities and can also supply borders for more intricate designs, we can also offer a bespoke dye service and match any colour.