“Contemporary and Stylish, Great for Heavy wear areas”

seagrass carpetsSeagrass is a type of grass grown in open wetlands in Asia. The crop is then harvested and woven to make seagrass Carpets. These organic Carpets are light brown or tan in colour and have a rough feel to them. Most seagrass Carpets have a foam / rubber backing to add cushioning and keep them from slipping or damaging the underlay.

During Manufacture the fibers are tightly woven together to form seagrass Carpeting. They are woven in a variety of patterns. Single or multiple strands can be woven together to create a design. Some of our natural fiber carpets are hand-woven, while others are created by machine.

Seagrass varies in colour, but is usually beige or tan. Some stalks may be a faint olive green colour. This means the shade of a seagrass rug can vary and may even contain light brown strands with specks of green mixed in.

We also supply Seagrass Rugs made to most sizes, we supply rugs with a canvas or leather border around the edge of rug in various styles from single piping to double edged borders . This is for decorative purposes as well as to keep the fibers intact so they will not unravel or tear. The border is typically around one to two inches (2.54 to 5.08 cm) wide, depending on the overall size of the rug itself.