“Stunning Designs and colours utilising Natural Fibres look and perform superbly for today`s living”

sisal carpetsWoven Sisal rugs and Carpets are woven from natural plant fibers. Like a jute, coir, it has properties of durability and resilience that many artificial materials can't provide. Sisal Carpets and rugs are strong and beautiful, and can be a lasting addition to any living area in the home or office, because of its unique advantages.

Sisal fibers originate in a cactus plant called Agave sisalana that grows in Africa and Brazil. Since it is a cactus, it prefers arid desert climates where other kinds of fibrous plants would be scarce. Agave sisalana has long been farmed for its internal, tensile fibers that people make into rope and twine. The fibrous stalks are cut, dried, and treated to produce tan-colored lengths. A popular destination for this twine is to be woven into sisal carpets or rugs for the floor.

There are many benefits to selecting a sisal carpet or rug over carpets made from synthetic material. Sisal is naturally stain resistant, so you don't need to use any chemical treatments around your pets or children. It also doesn't build up static electricity. Sisal rugs are also very durable and won't compress or show traffic wear.

Sisal is a slightly softer to the touch option of natural flooring rather than Coir or Seagrass which have a rougher feel to them.

We stock a large range of woven sisal carpets with a variety of fashionable colours to choose from.